The Sea Turtle Initiative

Today, when you mention sea turtles, one of the first thing that comes to mind is a sea turtle with straws or tangled in a fish net. That's pretty far from a dreamy sea turtle swimming freely in clear water...
There are seven different species of sea/marine turtles living in our oceans, and they are ALL classified as endangered. Human activity is the main cause behind the issue, it goes two ways. In one hand, sea turtles are slaughtered for their shells, meat, skin and eggs. In the other hand, the destruction of their habitat and the accidental capture of sea turtles in fishing gear affect them indirectly. 
On top of that, the rising temperatures are affecting the proportion of male vs female turtles (the sea turtle is one animal which sex is defined by temperature).
The organisms we wish to support over the years are helping sea turtles on multiple levels, be it with the hatchlings (baby sea turtles) or cleaning up specific areas to avoid bycatch. 

Sea turtles are present in almost every ocean on the planet, they've been here for almost 100 million years (they survived the extinction of dinosaurs), so let's not be the ones that erase them from Earth.
With our special line of gummies, we want to support initiatives dedicated to save sea turtles. Every year, we will donate 1% of sales from the Sea Turtle line to a foundation. To learn more how we will actually do it, please check our commitment page. Also, don't hesitate to email us to learn on ways you could get involved!
One step at a time, we are making changes.

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