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The Polar Bear Initiative

We will skip the part where we explain what a polar bear is (there is a great Wikipedia page for that), instead let's talk about what is going on with polar bears and why it should matter.
Polar bears (or white bears) are classified as vulnerable species and while hunting was for a long time the source of a progressive diminution in the species, today climate change is the main cause of their extinction due to habitat loss. Meaning, their homes are being destroyed which leads to displacement, starvation and ultimately death.
What you should know is that polar bears spend most of winter hibernating, and when spring starts, they come out to hunt for food; they go swimming and on long walks.
However, due to climate change, their hunting space grows smaller and smaller every year, with the ongoing ice melts. Melting ice is a normal phenomena in the summer, but the problem today is the speed at which it melts and the insufficient replacement of ice during winter.
While polar bears are considered excellent swimmers, they have limited energy when they come out of hibernation. With less "lands" and more "water", bears have to swim even further than before and more often than not, they die of exhaustion.
With our special line of gummies, we want to support initiatives dedicated to save polar bears. Every year, we will donate 1% of sales from the Polar Bear line to a foundation. To learn more how we will actually do it, please check our commitment page. Also, don't hesitate to email us to learn on ways you could get involved!
One step at a time, we are making changes.

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