The Ocean Initiative

Our oceans have become the graveyard for our garbage and that is not okay.
Since the early 50s, the amount of waste we have been throwing into the water has increased exponentially, more than doubling every decade. And we are the main culprits behind the catastrophic amount of garbage that are floating in our ocean waters and that are sinking on the ocean floors.
The visible result of our actions is the floating garbage we can see with our own eye, however that is only the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of our ocean pollution is made of small particules that are floating around, contaminating both the animals and the sediments.
What can we do about it?
Thankfully, there are several levels at which we can take action!
The first level is ours (you and us): it is important to reduce our consumption of single use items (not just plastic, but everything). Producing single use items not only requires a lot of energy but also requires more effort to dispose of.
At c'est BONBON, we plan on switching to compostable candy packages as soon as there is a decent offer that would meet our environmental requirements. Most often, suppliers talk about compostable plastic package, however either the ink or the labels or the zipper (or some other element) is absolutely not compostable. That can end up contaminating our compost...
The second level is disposal. There is a great problem of how our society disposes of our garbage. Open air landfills are a nightmare when it comes to disposing of waste, burning is not a great option either as it contributes to adding more CO2 in our atmosphere. That's why recycling is very important. Recycle your waste, take the time to compost and dispose properly of items that may be harmful to the environment. There definitely is an ecocentre near you, here is the link for Montreal:
Last but not least, there is the cleaning of our oceans. That's where we want to have an impact. Unfortunately, as of today the efforts made above are not sufficient to have clean oceans, therefore, we want to have an impact at this level. Our aim is to support NGOs and groups that are focusing on bringing awareness to the issue and working hard to clean our oceans.
With our special line of gummies, we want to support initiatives dedicated to help clean the oceans. Every year, we will donate 1% of sales from the Seven Seas Mix line to a foundation. To learn more how we will actually do it, please check our commitment page. Also, don't hesitate to email us to learn on ways you could get involved!
One step at a time, we are making changes.

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