The Committed Line by c'est BONBON

The Committed Line by c'est BONBON is a line of gummies that takes a stand to preserve the wildlife and nature. 

Protecting the environment we live in has been part of our business plan since day 1. Today, we are proud to announce that we are taking action to help save the planet.

The global community as a whole has a responsibility to rally around this challenge, however, we are falling short of actions.

Currently, the burden always seems to fall on the citizens while governments speak on environmental issues for electoral purposes at best. To start moving the needle, businesses have a responsibility to take action and put into place objectives with actual engagements. Together, the businesses and the people can combine their efforts and push for policy changes to really start making a difference for today and tomorrow.

To help us get there, we have joined the 1% for the Planet organization, which connects businesses and non-profits committed to social and environmental causes to protect the planet.

As members of 1% for the Planet, we’ve committed to donate 1% of our revenues from the Committed Line to specific non-profits in an effort to address key issues such as climate change, healthy food systems, land management, water resources, pollution and wildlife diversity.

If you are a business owner and protecting our planet is part of your goals, consider joining 1% for the Planet! Visit for more information.

Find out more about our Committed Line right here, starting with our polar bears and sea turtles!

Interested in carrying our line to make a difference? Please contact us!

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